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  • The City of Weston has contracted with Collin County Animal Control Service.  The City of Weston's Animal Control Ordinance from 1998 requires all dogs in Weston to be vaccinated for rabies.  Dogs must also be in a fenced-in area or on a leash when outside your residence.  Any dogs found loose in the City and/or without current rabies vaccinations tags will be taken to the Collin County Animal Shelter at 4750 Community Avenue in McKinney.

    2003-05-01 Amendment of O-1998-06-04 Vicious Animals
    1999-11-02 Amendment of O-1998-06-04, Section X
    1998-06-04 Rabies control; Running at large; Impoundment; Quarantine;
    Prohibition of certain animals; Vicious animals; Sanitary conditions

  • All work performed without a valid permit is in violation of City Ordinances and may result in a fine of not more than $2,000, with each day constituting a separate offense.

    The City of Weston has adopted the 2018 International Building, Existing Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Energy Conservation, Existing Building, Fire Code, and the 2017 National Electrical Code, as well as all NCTCOG Regional Amendments, as the official municipal codes of the City

    2022-03-01 2021 IFC and IECC Updates 
    2019-10-01 Engineering Design Standards Manual
    2019-02-06 2018 Fire Code IFC and IECC Updates
    2018-09-01 2018 International Building Codes
    2018-06-02 Engineering Design Standards Manual
    2018-03-02 2017 National Electrical Code
    2016-12-01 Fence Regulations
    2016-03-01  2015 IFC and IECC Updates 
    2015-02-02 Right of Way Construction Regulations
    2014-02-02 2012 NCTCOG ICC Regional Amendments
    2014-02-01  International Building Codes
    2011-01-01 Building Code w/Amendments
    2006-07-01 Engineering Design Standards Manual
    2005-11-03 Building Code w/Amendments
    2005-03-04 Electric Code
    2005-03-03 Mechanical Code
    2005-03-02 Plumbing Code
    2005-03-01 Fire Code
    2005-02-01 Swimming Pools: Spas; Hot Tubs
    2004-10-01 2003 Edition International Residential Building Code
    2002-09-04 2000 Edition International Residential Building Code
    2002-03-02 2000 Edition International Energy Conservation Code
    1998-05-01 Building Code Adoption
    1973-07-01 Construction Regulation

  • 2010-04-01 CR209
    2010-02-03 FM543
    2010-02-02 CR206
    2010-02-01 Pecan Farms Area
    2000-09-05 Adjacent to CR206, FM543, South of Chambersville & East of Roland
    2000-09-04 Adjacent to CR168, CR201, CR203, & FM543
    2000-03-01 Tracts 20, 20-9, 22, 22-9, 23, 29-3, & 31 of R Skaggs Survey, Abstract 801
    2000-02-01 Tracts 7, 7-9, 8, 37, & 37-9 of Levi Melvin Survey, Abstract 598
    2000-01-01 East of junction CR216 & FM455, adjacent to FM455 & FM3356, CR 177, CR219,
    CR288, CR289, & CR290, & Hurricane Creek

  • 2018-06-02 Floodplain Hazard Reduction Regulations
    2009-10-02 Floodplain Hazard Reduction Regulations
    2008-07-01 NIMS-National Incident Management System
    2008-03-01 Flood Damage Prevention
    2003-12-01 Program response and recovery phases of comprehensive emergency management

  • 2020-07-01 Legal services agreement with the law office of Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd & Hullett, P.C. as Legal Counsel to the City of Weston
    2012-08-01 Repealing Ordinances 2007-05-03, 2007-07-04 and 2007-07-05
    2007-07-06 Records Retention
    2007-07-05 Executive Review Committee
    Economic Development Advisory Committee
    2007-05-03 Capital Improvements Committee
    1999-01-01 Type A General Law

  • 2021-12-02 Engine Braking
    2020-02-01 Speed Limit on Chicken, North, and Short Sts, Weston Creek Ct and Trl
    2019-08-01 Speed Limit on FM455
    2017-08-01 Amendment to Right-of-Way Construction Regulations
    2015-03-03 Street Naming and Addressing 
    2015-02-03 Designation of Truck Routes
    2015-02-02  Right-of-Way Construction Regulations
    2014-11-01 Designation of Truck Routes
    2014-05-01  Speed Limit reduced to 25mph on certain streets 
    2012-06-02 Right-of-Way Construction Regulation
    2007-05-04 Designation of truck routes; regulating the transportation of hazardous materials, weight limits, house moving, damages/spillage
    2007-03-02 Alley Abandonment
    2003-09-04 Adopting Technical Design Specs for Roads for Subdivisions
    2003-02-02 Speed Limit on FM455
    2003-02-01 Speed Limit on FM543
    1990-04-01 Speed Limit on FM455
    1979-07-01 State Road Maintenance

  • 2014-07-02 Weapons Discharge Prohibition
    2010-06-01 Prohibiting the sale or use of Fireworks
    2008-06-01 Allowing use of Fireworks on 4+ ac
    2005-08-01 Prohibiting the sale or use of Fireworks

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